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*Launches July 2020*

When I started my business, I did what everyone else does. I attended all the webinars and read all the blogs. Then I learned about the 17, 567 types of sales funnels I "had to" create to be a "6-figure business"🙄 ... I almost gave up.

All I wanted was to do the work and help people like you. So I did something weird.

I Googled 20 businesses I could help. Typed up 20 letters. Sent them in manila envelopes. And followed up with emails. (all without an email list or website)

I got 19 "no's" and 1 "yes".

That 1 yes was a $30,000 contract. That $30,000 contract has brought in over $110,000 (and counting) in revenue.

My process was (and still is) simple, stress-free, and focused on results.

It allowed me to go from nothing to a huge contract in just a few months.

I'd like to walk you through this process.

And show you how you can leverage your platform, experience, and skills to magnify your impact and increase your income.

Turn something you know and love into a paid service.

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